The Memory of the Past

John Leyden

Alas, that fancy's pencil still pourtrays
A fairer scene than ever nature drew!
Alas, that ne'er to reason's placid view
Arise the charms of youth's delusive days!
For still the memory of our tender years,
By contrast vain, impairs our present joys;
Of greener fields we dream and purer skies,
And softer tints than ever nature wears. —
Lo! now, to fancy, Teviot's vale appears
Adorn'd with flowers of more enchanting hue
And fairer bloom than ever Eden knew,
With all the charms that infancy endears.
Dear scenes! which grateful memory still employ,
Why should you strive to blast the present joy?

John Leyden was born at Denholm on the River Teviot . The Teviot runs in a beautiful glen down through the Scottish Borders and flows into the River Tweed.

Another Scottish Poet who emigrated to the distant colonies, Thomas Pringle, also wrote poems about places, including one about the River Teviot.

Main Location:

River Teviot, Borders, Scotland

The River Teviot in Scotland

By Geoff Gill, licensed under Creative Commons.