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"All poetry begins with geography", said the great American poet, Robert Frost.

We agree, but the importance of location in poetry has often been underrated. We are restoring the importance of place to poetry and demonstrating the importance of poems to our appreciation of place.

Poetry surrounds us. Poetry is all around us. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a poem can be worth a thousand snaps on flickr.

The poetic layer to our world has never been mapped before, but it is there. Over the millenia, towns, schools, streets, bridges, mountains, seas, have all been described in poetry. New York, London, Paris, Munich, they&039;ve all been sung by the greatest poets of all tiime.

"Minnehaha" will always be laughing water, Oxford will have its "dreaming spires", the Grantchester clock will be stuck at ten to three, and the Shropshire hills will always be "blue remember&039;d".

Poetry Atlas springs from a profound passion for verse and travel.

The vision and mission of Poetry Atlas is to map every poem ever written about anywhere.

Please send us any poems you may know about places. We publish poems by users as well as by the most famous poets. Please email poems to contributions@poetryatlas.com.

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