Dawn, Noon and Dewfall

James Whitcomb Riley


  Dawn, noon and dewfall!  Bluebird and robin
  Up and at it airly, and the orchard-blossoms bobbin'!
  Peekin' from the winder, half-awake, and wishin'
  I could go to sleep agin as well as go a-fishin'!


  On the apern o' the dam, legs a-danglin' over,
  Drowsy-like with sound o' worter and the smell o' clover:
  Fish all out a visitin'--'cept some dratted minnor!
  Yes, and mill shet down at last and hands is gone to dinner.


  Trompin' home acrost the fields:  Lightnin'-bugs a-blinkin'
  In the wheat like sparks o' things feller keeps a-thinkin':--
  Mother waitin' supper, and the childern there to cherr me!
  And fiddle on the kitchen-wall a-jist a-eechin' fer me!

James Whitcomb Riley is known as the Hoosier Poet. Much of his work, like this poem, is written in the dialect of rural Indiana and describes the land, weather and seasons of Riley's native state.


Main Location:

Indiana, USA