Miya Yamanouchi

living breathing artwork
majestic land

like pages from a storybook
brought magically to life.

the Neretva River glows
a glistening green hue

as though a million
shimmering emeralds
were poured into its waters

and the timeworn cobblestone
streets and alleyways

whisper secrets
of a thousand years before.
picturesque mountains
frame the landscape
gifting depth
to the visual artistry
of the country
a place where
an abundance of mosques
aggrandize its charm
and buildings
injured by bullet holes

stand in proud defiance
of battles endured

just a quarter
of a century ago.

the villages
are settings from fairytales

with their mystical
lush green
forest backdrops

chimney smoke billowing
from quaint little houses

jam selling ladies in maramas
and shepherds herding sheep.

they echo yesteryear’s stories

transporting to a chapter
back in time

to somewhere so enchanting
that once you’ve visited

it is as though
you are cursed

to never
want to be

anywhere else


In the 1990s, Bosnia was torn apart by civil war. There was bitter fighting in the cities of Sarajevo and in Mostar, where the old bridge over the Rvier Neretva was destroyed.

Main Location:

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Other locations:

The rebuilt Old Bridge and the River Neretva in Mostar, Bosnia<