Thomas Gold Appleton

O Nubian moon, the silence, is it thine   
Which follows us by this enchanted shore;   
Haunting thy shadows’ gloom as they incline   
Like basalt shafts prone on the ivory floor?   
  A peopled silence, where old shapes divine           
In long procession pass each sculptured door.   
Nor wholly voiceless, for each rustling wave,   
Trembling mimosa, and dim palmy crest,   
And the low zephyr lingering by his grave,   
Who needed not its dark oblivious rest,           
Whisper—till every silent architrave,   
And stately pylon own the immortal Guest,   
And the wave bears it as its waters pour,   
Murmuring Osiris through the Cataract’s roar!

The Ancient Egyptian temples of Philae would have been drowned when the Aswan Dam filled with water. The temples were dismantled and completely rebuilt on their present site. On their islands in Lake Nasser, Philae is the most graceful and beautiful ofall the ancient temples of Egypt.

Main Location:

Temple of Philae, Aswan, Egypt

The Temple of Isis on the Island of Philae, Egypt