The Tornado

Thomas Pringle

From the jungle-cumbered river
Comes a growl along the ground;
And the cattle start and shiver,
For they know full well the sound.

'Tis the lion, gaunt with hunger,
Glaring down the darkening glen;
But a fiercer Power and stronger
Drives him back into his den:
For the fiend Tornado rideth
Forth with Fear, his maniac bride,
Who by shipwrecked shores abideth,
With the she- wolf by her side.

Heard ye not the Demon flapping
His exulting wings aloud?
And his Mate her mad hands clapping
From yon scowling thunder -cloud?
By the fire-fiaucmVs gleamy flashing
The doomed Vessel ye may spy,
With the billows o'er her dashing —
Hark (Oh God!) that fearful cry!

Twice two hundred human voices
In that shriek came on the blast!
Ha ! the Tempest-Fiend rejoices—
For all earthly aid is past!
White as smoke the surf is showering
O'er the cliffs that seaward frown,
While the greedy gulf, devouring,
Like a dragon sucks them down!

Zitzihamma, 1825

The ancient Tsitsikamma Forest is a coastal forest in the Eastern Cape in South Africa. It is now a national park on the picturesque "Garden Route" and is still famous as one of the most beautiful spots in the country.

Main Location:

Storms River, Tsitsikamma National Park, Eastern Cape, South Africa

The mouth of the Storms River in the Tsitsikamma National Park