Cape Sunion

Nicholas Michell

High o'er the billows Sunium glances now,
An airy temple gleaming on its brow.
Fair mount! the first, the last to greet the eyes
Of those who sail beneath blue Attic skies,
How many a banished Greek, in ancient days,
Hath viewed yon rocks with sadly- wistful gaze!

What though no more on Sunium's sacred steep
Altars shall blaze, and light the midnight deep,
Or hymns resound at morning's opening smile,
Answered by songs from neighbouring cape and isle,
While clouds of incense floating through the calm,
Sweeten the sea, and fill all heaven with balm;
Those snow-white columns ages still shall brave,
Charm seamen's eyes, and gleam across the wave,
Dead Art's sweet spirit watching on that shore.
Which Glory owns, and gods protect no more.