Passing St Helena

Thomas Bailey Aldrich

And this is St. Helena? This the spot   
Haunted forever by an Emperor!   
Methinks ’t were meet that such a royal ghost   
Should pace these gloomy battlements by night!   
—The ship veered off, and we passed out to sea:           
And in the first fair moonrise of the month,   
I watched the island, till it seemed a speck   
No bigger than Astarte. Year by year,   
The picture came and went upon my brain,   
Like frost-work on the windows: in my dreams           
I saw those jagged turrets of dull rock   
Uplifted in the moonlight; saw the gulls   
Darting in sudden circles; heard the low   
And everlasting anthem of the sea!   
And from the nether world a voice would come,           
Here did they bring the Corsican, and here   
Died the chained eagle by these dismal cliffs!

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St Helena - Saint Helena