Hallam's Grave

Alfred Lord Tennyson

When on my bed the moonlight falls,
I know that in thy place of rest
By that broad water of the west
There comes a glory on the walls:

Thy marble bright in dark appears,
As slowly steals a silver flame
Along the letters of thy name,
And o'er the number of thy years.

The mystic glory swims away;
From off my bed the moonlight dies;
And closing eaves of wearied eyes
I sleep till dusk is dipt in gray:

And then I know the mist is drawn
A lucid veil from coast to coast,
And in the chancel like a ghost
Thy tablet glimmers to the dawn.

Arthur Henry Hallam was the best friend of Alfred Lord Tennyson. He died young and was the subject of Tennyson's great poem, In Memoriam.

Arthur Hallam is buried in the churchyard of St Andrew's Church in Clevedon, on a hill overlooking the Severn Estuary.

There is another poem about this church - Hallam's Church, by the poet Thomas Edward Brown.

Main Location:

St Andrew's Church, Clevedon, Somerset, England

Arthur Henry Hallam, youthful poet and closest friend of the great poet, Alfred Lord Tennyson