Hallam's Church, Clevedon

Thomas Edward Brown

A GRASSY field, the lambs, the nibbling sheep,
A blackbird and a thorn, the April smile
Of brooding peace, the gentle airs that wile
The Channel of its moodiness, a steep
That brinks the flood, a little gate to keep
The sacred ground —and then that old gray pile,
A simple church wherein there is no guile
Of ornament; and here the Hallams sleep.
Blest mourner, in whose soul the grief grew song,
Not now, methinks, awakes the slumbering pain,
While joy, with busy fingers, weaves the woof
Of Spring. But when the Winter nights are long,
Thy spirit comes with sobbing of the rain,
And spreads itself, and moans upon the roof.

Hallam's Church is actually St Andrew's Church. There has been a church on the site since Saxon times. Thomas Edward Brown refers to the Church as "Hallam's Church" because it is the burial place of a number of the Hallam family, including Arthur Hallam, the friend of Alfred Lord Tennyson and the person to whom his great poem In Memoriam A.H.H. is dedicated.