Charles G.D. Roberts

This is that black rock bastion, based in surge,
  Pregnant with agate and with amethyst,
Whose foot the tides of storied Minas scourge,
  Whose top austere withdraws into its mist.
This is that ancient cape of tears and storm,
  Whose towering front inviolable frowns
O'er vales Evangeline and live keep warm--
  Whose fame thy song, O tender singer, crowns.
Yonder, across these reeling fields of foam,
  Came the sad threat of the avenging ships.
What profit now to know if just the doom,
  Though harsh! The streaming eyes, the praying lips,
The shadow of inextinguishable pain,
The poet's deathless music--these remain!

Cape Blomidon is a rocky headland of sheer black cliffs that rears out of the Bay of Fundy in Nova Scotia.

It is part of the protected Blomidon National Park.

The name Blomidon is derived from "Blow Me Down".