Slants at Buffalo, New York

Carl Sandburg

A forefinger of stone, dreamed by a sculptor, points to the sky. 
It says: This way! this way! 
Four lions snore in stone at the corner of the shaft. 
They too are the dream of a sculptor. 
They too say: This way! this way!
The street cars swing at a curve. 
The middle-class passengers witness low life. 
The car windows frame low life all day in pictures. 
Two Italian cellar delicatessens 
            sell red and green peppers. 
The Florida bananas furnish a burst of yellow. 
The lettuce and the cabbage give a green. 
Boys play marbles in the cinders. 
The boys’ hands need washing. 
The boys are glad; they fight among each other. 
A plank bridge leaps the Lehigh Valley railroad. 
Then acres of steel rails, freight cars, smoke, 
And then … the blue lake shore 
…Erie with Norse blue eyes … and the white sun.