Lime Street

Thomas Edward Brown

You might have been as lovely as the dawn,
Had household sweetness nurtured you, and arts—
Domestic, and the strength which love imparts
To lowliness, and chastened ardour drawn
From vital sap that burgeons in the brawn
Around the dreadful arms of Hercules,
And shapes the curvature of Dias’s knees,
And has its course in lilies of the lawn.
Even now your flesh is soft and full, defaced
Although it be, and bruised.
Unblenched your eyes
Meet mine, as misinterpreting their call,
Then sink, reluctant, forced to recognise
That there are men whose look is not unchaste—
O God ! the pain ! the horror of it all!

Lime Street is the main railway station in Liverpool. Thomas Edward Brown would have used the station a lot travelling between Clifton and the boat to the Isle of Man from Liverpool.

This poem was originally titled "Lime Street Station, Liverpool".