Poems by Joaquin Miller (1841 - 1913)

The "Poet of the Sierras", Joaquin Miller was born Cincinattus Hiner in Indiana. His family moved to Oregon in wagons in 1852. When still young Miller went south to California, joining the gold rush. He was involved in a number of skirmishes with the native Indian tribes, and was shot through the head with an arrow in one battle with the Modoc Indians near Mount Shasta. He held a number of jobs including teacher, and tried his luck in the goldfields of Idaho as well. His early poetry was not popular in America, but he travelled to England where he met with more success. He settled in San Francisco, but the Klondike gold rush also lured him. He struck it relatively lucky and returned with a small fortune in gold dust. His poetry also started to sell well. He spent the last years of his life in Oakland.