Springfield Magical

Vachel Lindsay

  In this, the City of my Discontent,
  Sometimes there comes a whisper from the grass,
  "Romance, Romance--is here.  No Hindu town
  Is quite so strange.  No Citadel of Brass
  By Sinbad found, held half such love and hate;
  No picture-palace in a picture-book
  Such webs of Friendship, Beauty, Greed and Fate!"

  In this, the City of my Discontent,
  Down from the sky, up from the smoking deep
  Wild legends new and old burn round my bed
  While trees and grass and men are wrapped in sleep.
  Angels come down, with Christmas in their hearts,
  Gentle, whimsical, laughing, heaven-sent;
  And, for a day, fair Peace have given me
  In this, the City of my Discontent!

Springfield, capital of the State of Illinois, was Vachel Lindsay's home town. It appears he had ambivalent feelings towards it, or at least towards his life there...