The Soul of the City Receives the Gift of the Holy Spirit

Vachel Lindsay

     A Broadside distributed in Springfield, Illinois

   Censers are swinging
   Over the town;
   Censers are swinging,
   Look overhead!
   Censers are swinging,
   Heaven comes down.
   City, dead city,
   Awake from the dead!

   Censers, tremendous,
   Gleam overhead.
   Wind-harps are ringing,
   Wind-harps unseen--
   Calling and calling:--
   "Wake from the dead.
   Rise, little city,
   Shine like a queen."

   Soldiers of Christ
   For battle grow keen.
   Heaven-sent winds
   Haunt alley and lane.
   Singing of life
   In town-meadows green
   After the toil
   And battle and pain.

   Incense is pouring
   Like the spring rain
   Down on the mob
   That moil through the street.
   Blessed are they
   Who behold it and gain
   Power made more mighty
   Thro' every defeat.

   Builders, toil on.
   Make all complete.
   Make Springfield wonderful.
   Make her renown
   Worthy this day,
   Till, at God's feet,
   Tranced, saved forever,
   Waits the white town.

   Censers are swinging
   Over the town,
   Censers gigantic!
   Look overhead!
   Hear the winds singing:--
   "Heaven comes down.
   City, dead city,
   Awake from the dead."


Springfield, Illinois was the birthplace of Vachel Lindsay. Springfield is the State Capital of Illinois.