What I like about Helsinki now

Neil Leadbeater

Tall windows that let in the light when the sun hardly sets at all.
Handmade crafts from Lokal
not quite a gallery and not just a shop
opened in 2012.
Coffee at IPI
slow-cooked spelt porridge served daily
with homemade granola and jam
Sipping a Bear Hug at Nord-T
quality loose-leaf blended herbs fresh from the Finnish forest.
browsing through vinyl at Digelius Music
Enjoying art at Amos Rex.
Sledding in winter.
Tucking into Sashimi Salads at the Boom Room.
Swimming in the Allan Sea Pool.
Buying cakes at Café Fleuriste
the flowers long gone from the business.
Jopo bikes from Hanko.
Winter runs pounding the bay.
Alvar Aalto’s vases.
Töölö’s iconic buildings.

Eating a blini in the heart of winter.
Dropping in to La Reine.
the red vessel in the blue bay with
white buildings beyond.
Washing rugs on the waterfront
with a bucket of Baltic water.
Foraging for berries.
Living quietly when the days are short.
Wirkkala glassware. Artek chairs.
Buying shoes at Good Kicks
Footwear for the streets.

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