On Leaving Holland

Mark Akenside

I. 1.
FAREWELL to Leyden's lonely bound,
The Belgian Muse's sober seat,
Where dealing frugal gifts around
To all the fav'rites at her feet
She trains the body's bulky frame
For passive persevering toils;
And lest from any prouder aim
The daring mind should scorn her homely spoils,
She breathes maternal fogs to damp its restless flame.

I. 2.
Farewell the grave pacifick air
Where never mountain zephir blew,
The marshy levels lank and bare
Which Pan which Ceres never knew,
The Naiads with obscene attire
Urging in vain their urns to flow,
While round them chant the croking choir,
And haply sooth some lover's prudent wo,
Or prompt some restive bard and modulate his lyre.


These are two stanzas from the Ode.

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