The Lough (Cork)

John Anthony Fingleton

a placid lake in full moonlight
trees reflected in the depths -
marking this scene as upside-down,
branches quiver nervously
in a panic frenzied leaf attack,
realising they are running out of breath.
A fish leaps for a hovering fly,
sending ripples towards the bank;
disturbing the mountains of the moon,
they hover for a moment
silently rumbling with the waves,
until eventually returning to their plateau -
then both smoothly slowly sank.

Author's Note: The Lough,  an area on the  south side of Cork City, Ireland

The suburb of the Lough surrounds Cork Lough, a small lake.

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Main Location:

Cork Lough (Lake), Cork City, County Cork

Other locations:

The Lough, Cork City, Ireland

Creative Commons image by Robin Webster.