Trinity Tello

A great stream vehemently flowing as far as eternity
It’s orchestra of cascading and burbling water simultaneously
The melody concealing all remanence of the outside world.
A single deer is seen roaming in the greenery of its surroundings
Because that’s all there is
Crowded trees
 their trunks painted with moss
As were the rocks and crumbling stone walls
holding the memory of fallen structures from years past
We hiked through it all
Laughed when we tripped
thoughtlessly climbed each boulder
sat with a waterfall
Using a vine, we swung to a small strip of surfaced rocks in the middle of the water
Exploring each piece of that wood
In just some T-shirts and shorts, we swam where the stream was still
we were the turbulence that utilized that peace to make our own piece of perfect

Main Location:

Grace Lord Park, Boonton, NJ 07005, USA

Other locations:

Weir in Grace Lord Park, Boonton, New Jersey