Cape May

Maddie Grebb

The hot midday sun beams brightly onto the Cape May streets
Kissing all the red, yellow, and blue bike helmets
As well as the glistening light brown sand
The faded plum color of my shirt matches the petals of the flowers
That contour the hidden bike trails and make way for curious travelers
The sparkling blue on my bike matches the color of the water next to me
The bay to my left and the briny smelling sea to my right
Behind me are two boys- sweating from the never ending ride
I smile as I see the familiar blue house on the corner
Almost as blue as the ocean with grass as green as the tree leaves
I step inside to smell the same comforting smell
The aroma of cool watermelon and spray-on sunscreen fill my lungs
I reach my hand in the porcelain bowl for a handful of ruby colored candies
That taste of cherry and salt from the beach
Then I sip iced tea that was made just a few hours prior to my arrival
After a long night of listening to music and stories about “the good old days”
I say my goodbyes and head back on my bike
And travel the simple streets illuminated by lights all the way back

Main Location:

Cape May, NJ 08204, USA

Other locations:

The beach at Cape May, New Jersey