Westbury Court, Gloucestershire

Clair Chilvers

He was newly married.
A merchant told him of gardens in Holland,
canals frozen in winter,
tulips exotic in spring.
Maynard Colchester thought to please his young wife
by designing a garden.
She was beautiful, rich (he had married above himself)
but not grand.
He had land aplenty near Severn's banks,
resolved to make her a Dutch Garden,
studied pictures,
had his gardeners copy them,
digging canals, planting trees and flowers,
building a pavilion in the Dutch style
where they sat on summer evenings.
He was a generous man, died young
and left Jane with the view of the garden.

Author's Note: Westbury Garden is a beautiful garden near the RIver Severn in Gloucestershire, in the UK.

It is now run by the National Trust.