David Barlow

I‘d had my say on Remembrance Day-
It was Cheltenham Town Hall as I recall-
when there was a roar at the vestry door
and I swear it was Captain Mainwaring there,
and he was flustered - he was disgusted-
“How dare you claim that we were to blame
for the bombs that fell and caused the hell
of when Dresden burned - which my God they’d earned!”!
Was I not aware of the factories there
making bullets and guns for the evil Huns?
No blame - no shame - it wasn’t the same
as Coventry’s fire leaving only its spire-
that was the real crime he said - but I’m
not so sure.

Dresden was razed to the ground by allied bombing in 1945. Coventry had been bombed by the German air force in 1940 and the cathedral destroyed.

Main Location:

Dresden, Germany

Other locations:

The ruins of Dresden after allied bombing in February 1945