Laid Low in Ludlow

David Barlow

A solemn ode regretting a pulled calf muscle experienced by a clergyman from stepping on a low step while admiring the roof of the parish church of Ludlow,


Laid low in Ludlow

It’s not regarded with abhorrence -
The church in Ludlow, called St Lawrence.
It’s known for miles and miles around
For beauty scarcely ever found.
Should you of this require the proof
Then raise your eyes – look at the roof.
With ancient carvings, red and gold,
A joy, a treasure, to behold.
But this – it may seem very odd –
Despite its beauty – a house of God -
Deceived one holy man of prayer
With a step he never knew was there.
"Look up not down", he often preaches
“Do not”, he says, “look down on mud – lo!
Look into heaven’s higher reaches! “
No more: for now he’s been to Ludlow.

The Church of St Lawrence is one of the most striking sights in Ludlow. Poetry Atlas has many poems about Shropshire and about Ludlow.

Main Location:

St Laurence Church, Ludlow, Shropshire

Other locations:

The fateful roof of St Laurence Church in Ludlow, Shropshire