Gamla Stan I: Storkyrkan

Murray Alfredson

Cross the bridge to Gamla
Stan, the water-ringed
old town, and find your way
through narrow alleys to
the classic tower that caught
your eye and draws you. Odd
basilica it proves,
outwardly baroque
but inside red-brick gothic.
And strange how mind retains
not St George on steed
with sword raised high
above an earth-bound dragon,
but that intrepid tourist party
from Japan all clustered
round their guide, attentive
in the icy glim!

The Storkyrkan is Stockholm's Cathedral of St Nicholas. The famous statue of St George slaying the dragon is inside the cathedral.

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Main Location:

Stockholms Domkyrkoförsamling, Trångsund 1, 111 29 Stockholm, Sweden

Other locations:

Statue of St George and the Dragon inside Storkyrkan Cathedral, Stockholm, Sweden