On Entering the Sea at Cresswell Dunes

Ash Dean

Take me, unflagging North Sea blast
Ripping limitless fingers through pack, pool and tread,
Flipping heads, spit and gravel,
Rousing roars on the boundary of silence.

I lean and steadily hound the eddy
Slinking, escaping,
Filial for the unseen eye
That twists and sprays,
Contracts and flays,
Betraying land now shrouded.

Whipping mist into a drifting dome
The monster traps me
Chasing its billowing, spinning hem
To melt into its phlegm
And leap among its foam.

I turn and run, ecstatic.


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Main Location:

Creswell Beach, Creswell, Northumberland, England

Creswell Beach, Northumberland