A Blanket Fell (Arriving in Edinburgh)

Ash Dean

Clambering steps
Our heart rates rose
Yet on the level
A blanket fell
And bleached the air
That sank and breached our lungs
Where dazed and dense
The wet weight hung and acted high
As wayside wanderers
Smudge and press, then fade.

Immersed, we drift along
By a macabre current drawn
To our domination;
Scott lay forth
A vague black spire
Whose cathedral is kin,
The mortar, the pyre
Piercing a pinnacle, thrusting from doom,
Sent seeping and roaring through
The candour of heroes.

We clasp our hands
For magic born an instant
Blows to wipe the setting weep
Unearthing jewels within the keep
And all we seek
In unimagined swathes confer
And chance upon us
Beauty ever clear
When light descends on mystery
Distilled to a gleaming veneer.

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