Memphis Pornification

M.T. Whitington

living in
a bluff city bluff,
left with nothing,
just another past
city beautiful
trying to stand tall
pulled by urban sprawl.
commercial investment influx
juxtaposed next to ruin.
boarded up overgrown reflux,
memphis pornification
washes down river
in bluesy facade.
can’t turn eyes away
from instaporn
worse than detroit city,
rivaling chiraq shit
left in ruin.
plucking crow
as blackbirds sing
gentrification lies
dropped in,
took a look around
hightailed it out of town
fast as summer grass
grows. vines twisted
in vacant copper-less houses,
blocks and blocks,
rows and rows,
blight pockets,
all over river city,
it flows!
define crime
and punishment, living
thriving on mean streets
depressed in
memphis pornification.

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Main Location:

Memphis, TN, USA

Other locations:

Downtown Memphis at Night