Farewell Kiss

Ron Singer

The Navajo way to say “kiss” is

“Two round objects meet.”

When we kissed, it was more like

two pairs of parallel lines

meeting at various points.

Of course, the geometry was complicated

by the fact that arms were also wrapped

around bodies which pressed each other,

all of these parts, too,

being somewhat straight

as well as somewhat round.

Now since this was a farewell kiss,

the straight round objects were parting

as well as meeting.

Yet by meeting as we parted

--and I believe some of the objects

also parted as they met--

we --and they-- were perhaps agreeing

or even asking

to meet again.

One of a number of poems penned by Ron Singer about the time he spent with the Navajo, lving on their reservation, the Dine. See other poems about the Navajo Nation here.

The Navajo Nation Reservation straddles the US states of Arizona, Utah and New Mexico.

Previously published in Borderlands: The Texas Poetry Review, 2000 and in Poetic Voices without Borders-2, 2009

Main Location:

Navajo Nation Reservation, AZ, USA

Lamb and Navajo baby, 1930s