In Spring

Ron Singer

In Spring comes hard male thunder,

bringing hard male rain;

other seasons, times of year,

a softer kind of thunder

with softer, female rain.

Not inviolably separate,

these thunders and these rains;

sometimes separate, sometimes one,

sometimes, female turns to male,

then turns back again.

Pushed by pride asunder,

First Man and First Woman,

after years of suffering,

finally joined again,

each to each more dear.

First Man and First Woman,

male and female thunder,

male and female rain,

turn away, then back again,

each to each more dear.

This is one of a series of poems written by Ron Singer during his time living on the Navajo reservation, otherwise known as the Dine, or Navajo Nation. See other poems about the Navajo Nation here.

This reservation straddles the US states of Arizona, Utah and New Mexico.