Auburn, Mine!

Roger W. Hancock

You may think this town is yours,
Our Mayor may think it is his {hers},
I've got news for all of you...
Auburn is MY Town!
I placed my claim when I proclaimed
At Auburn General Hospital,
with a cry when I was born.
I delivered papers, worked odd jobs,
attended Auburn schools and college on the hill.
Most of my career with Pacific Northwest Bell,
US West, then Qwest (now it's Century Link),
I maintained the phone lines
in Auburn's homes and businesses.
I've watched you work, live and play;
I thank those who ruled and maintained,
this city I call my own.
I'll allow you to imagine,
Auburn as being yours.
All my life I've only really known,
City of Auburn;
this is the town I love.

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Main Location:

Auburn, WA, USA

View of downtown Auburn, in Washington State, USA