Chard Town

Lynsey Arscott

Chard is getting a bigger place,
Full of spirit and full of grace.
Chard has some buildings that are extremely old,
If only their secrets could be told.
Chard is packed with history,
It's a town of wonder and mystery.
Chard has a toll house so round and petite,
Chard has a guildhall where everyone meets.
Chard has a reservoir with woods you can walk,
Somewhere to go when you don't want to talk.
I've spent all my life in Chard town,
And I've seen many changes all around.

This poem is by a long time resident of the town of Chard in Somerset, in England's green and pleasant West Country.

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Main Location:

Chard, Chard, Somerset TA20, UK

Other locations:

The Guildhall in the town of Chard, in Somerset, England