Yusuf Adamu

For Amina

Here I am in the city of life
The city of our Holy Prophet
Here I am watching a bright moon
Whose light is dimmed by the light of Muhammad
Oh Medina the city of enlightenment
A city like no other on this plain called Earth

You gave me opportunities so rare
To be with our beloved prophet and his companions
You gave me the chance to meditate on human reverence
For this mighty teacher of mankind
I witnessed all races, all colours, all shades of humankind
Professing his creed and longing for his presence

Many a pilgrim shade tears in your presence oh Muhammad
We bear witness to your message for mankind
We bear witness that you have delivered the message
Oh the benefactor of mankind and Jinns
May Allah’s blessing be upon you always!

Masjid Nabiy, Madinah: November 4, 2009

Main Location:

Medina Saudi Arabia

The Mosque of the Prophet, Medina, Saudi Arabia