Yusuf Adamu

The frequent and simultaneous calls of the muezzins
Welcomes Allah’s guest to the holy city of Makkah
A city of thousand minarets and a hundred hills
A city of red bricks buildings spreading like turfs
Makkah of the merchants and traders

A city like no other because of the holy Ka’abah
Where millions stream like cream around the Ka’abah
In awe of its holiness and unmatched reverence
Makkah! The proclaimed mother of cities
Where good deeds are rewarded a thousand-folds

I adore you, oh Makkah, being the birth place of Muhammad
The greatest benefactor of mankind on whom be Allah’s blessings
I admire you for being the host of the Holy Ka’abah
I am passionate about Zamzam well and mounts Safa and Marwa
Makkah, of the merchants and traders

Makkah: November 22, 2009

Main Location:

Mecca Saudi Arabia

The Great Mosque at Mecca, with the Ka'aba at its centre