Yusuf Adamu

For years, you remained partially occupied
Yet you beckoned our nation in your own way
When Nigeria understood your gesture
It moved its capital to you by itself
You borrowed a name and resettled our inhabitants
From scratch you were redesigned
For professionals, policy makers and labourers
You became their Mecca in the Savanna
I do not dispute your beautiful scenery
Your majestic architectural pieces litter everywhere
Certainly Abuja you have a rare but grandiose landscape
You accommodate Nigeria’s policy gurus
You gave your visitors and inhabitants fake hope
That everyone in Abuja feels important
For your radial magnetic pull is exceptional
Like Lagos, you became a symbol of importance
For everyone in Abuja is important
Even if they are thieves or civil servants
Whether they are homeless or live in Asokoro
Whether they are contractors or thugs
What fascinates me most about you Abuja
Is your decision not to give succor
To those who built you with their sweat
Labourers and low-income earners have no abode
But even the great pyramids have spaces for their builders
Yet, Abuja you became an elitist city
You are our nation’s capital and we hail you
But Abuja, you need to be a truly people’s capital


Main Location:

Abuja, Nigeria

Abuja, capital city of Nigeria