Birnin Kudu

Yusuf Adamu

What is Birnin Kudu without its ancient artists?
There, they were, scattered in its historic rocks
Weathered rocks full of boulders and scenic tors
Great artists and documenters of their own history

Were the artist, recording their wealth in cows?
Or their ritual sacrifices to the gods of the land?
Who were these rock painters of pre-history?
Where did they come from and where did they go?

What is their story and what were they trying to tell us?
How did they live and what language did they speak?
 When I close my eyes I can imagine these rocks
As real places of habitation and centres of worship!

My dear Birnin Kudu, your old dye pits and old Birni
Your modern town and thriving citizens of today
Are still overshadowed by the pens of those ancient artists
Your rock paintings remain your enduring legacy!

Their rock gongs are still there, sounding as they always have
The artists of Duwatsun Mesa, Habude, Murhu and Zango
Are passionately begging you to preserve their history
Let their story be told to generations yet unborn!

Main Location:

Birnin Kudu, Nigeria