Yusuf Adamu

For Kabir M Yari
Ancient city of the legendary Daurama
Abode of Kusugu, the well of wonders
Town of Bashar, home of the people’s General
You were the cradle of Hausa Kings
Led by a queen who ruled like a king
You epitomized centuries of peace and diplomacy
Your life has been calm and serene
You the city of Bayajidda fascinate me
By your wide roads devoid of extensions
Overwhelmed by your radiance & sense of history
Your well laid out streets and beautiful houses
Hausa architecture is still a fashion and passion
If not for you Daura, Hausa cities would have lost
The splendor of their architectural identity
Your charming citizens captivate me
By their kindness, friendship and genuine smiles
If I could choose another home to call mine
You could be my home, not a second one
Will you accept me as one of your sons?

Main Location:

Daura, Nigeria