Tiobrad Arann

Anthony James Leahy

Greeted by the breeze
as it fiercely kissed my cheek
I could feel Tiobrad Arann
as it flowed through my veins;
clouds holding back the tears,
offering a much needed
refreshment for life.
Standing on the cup and saucer
breathing in the green
and tasting all it had to offer,
I drank from its well.
Ara had satisfied my need;
whilst cleansing my heart
it gave clarity to my soul,
anointing the continuance
of my journey to Lota.

Tiobrad Arann is the Irish name for the town of Tipperary in Ireland . It means "The Well of Ara", which is what the river flowing through Tipperary is called.

Lota is near also in Ireland, near the town of Cork.

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Main Location:

River Ara, Tipperary, Ireland

The River Ara flowing through the town of Tipperary in Ireland