E-mail from Szczawnica

Dorota Jolanta Szumilas

I just wanted
to email you

to say how beautiful
is here

that my window
overlooks Jarmuta

how I rafted down

that I admired the sun
reflected in the depths of the mountain waters

and how it would fall
onto the rocks and trees

As if it wanted to say...
”don't worry at all”

and asked me to rest
and enjoy the moment

I am not idealizing
the nature at all

and the human being...
what's his worth without the surrounding beauty

I won't write this email now
I am admiring the world!

(transl. Annaya Chomczyk)

Author's Note: There are many sanitariums for rehabilitaion in Szczawnica, but it is a beautiful city, so it has many tourists as well as many sick people.The Plenin Mountains are nearby.

Jarmuta is a nearby hill.

The resort town of Szczawnica is in Southern Poland. Its many healing springs make it a popular summer destination and in winter its mountains make it a ski resort.

Main Location:

Szczawnica, Poland

Other locations:

Szczawnica in Poland is a ski resort in the winter

Image by Robsuper, licensed under Creative Commons.