The Panama Canal

Edgar Albert Guest

ABOVE it flies the flag we love,
Within it is the blood we gave;
It stands a part and portion of
The courage that once freed the slave.
The strength that fought for liberty
Hewed out the rock that barred its way;
The men who toiled that it might be
Were children of the U. S. A.

Within its sides there is no stone
But what Americans have placed;
Above it other flags have flown
And seen their labors go to waste.
To build it other lands have tried
And have deserted in dismay,
But they, who would not be defied,
Were children of the U. S. A.

Into its massive walls were poured
The gold that bore the eagle's stamp;
Within each foot of it is stored
The grit of Valley Forge's camp.
This wedding of divided seas,
That is a finished fact today,
Stands out among the victories
That glorify the U. S. A.

No alien land was asked to aid,
No foreign friend was leaned upon;
This by Americans was made
While all the world stood looking on.
And molded into every part
From coast to coast, to last for aye,
There are the blood and flesh and heart
And genius of the U. S. A.

Beneath Old Glory this was done,
Beneath Old Glory shall it dwell;
As long as there are seas'to run
This nation's splendor shall it tell.
As long as human hearts shall thrill
And patriotism men shall sway,
This must remain to speak the skill
And courage of the U. S. A.

Main Location:

Panama Canal, Panama

The Panama Canal