Nicolas Grenier

to hussain nasser lootah, mayor of dubai.

dub tempo

a tiger cub
a baseball club
a strawberry shrub

and pass by
and fly away
and come up

a hub
a hubris
a hubub

a hive
a dive
a drive

along the path
along these lines
along the sheikh zayed road

by mobile
by all means
bye bye dubai

orange light on wednesday
white night on tuesday
blue green sight on thursday

get off on tangent
ascent of a sun
line of descent

a subset
a nub
a tub

The rapidly developed city of Dubai, with its forest of skyscrapers, has invented itself as a hub between East and West.

Main Location:

Sheikh Zayed Road - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Other locations:

The view along Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, UAE