Antarctic Peninsula

Nicolas Grenier

To solveig gunbjørg jacobsen.

a snow
twice and wet

in my cloud
a sun is melting
light and fluffy

across time and page
a blue ribbon
with rose stripes

now is calling
through the miniature

my frozen hair
hangs to your shoulders

a first snowfall
your faroese shawl
before i sleep

graham land
and life of jesus
in my left hand

i will never go there again
here is where the story ends
and close your eyes for the day

Solveig Gunbjørg Jacobsen was born on the island of South Georgie in 1913. As such, she was the first person to be born south of the Antarctic Convergence (a natural boundary formed by cold southern currents meeting warmer seas.  She died in 1996.

She was not the first person born in Antarctica itself. That honour belongs to Emilio Palma, born in 1978.




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Main Location:

Graham Land, Antarctica

Graham Land Peninsula, Antarctica