With a Rose from Conway Castle

Julia Caroline Ripley Dorr

On hoary Conway's battlemented height,
O poet-heart, I pluck for thee a rose!
Through arch and court the sweet wind wandering goes;
Round each high tower the rooks in airy flight
Circle and wheel, all bathed in amber light;
Low at my feet the winding river flows;
Valley and town, entranced in deep repose,
War doth no more appall, nor foes affright.
Thou knowest how softly on the castle walls,
Where mosses creep, and ivies far and free
Fling forth their pennants to the freshening breeze,
Like God's own benison this sunshine falls.
Therefore, O friend, across the sundering seas,
Fair Conway sends this sweet wild rose to thee!

Conwy was one of the great castles built by King Edward I of England in the thirteenth century to subdue the restive Welsh. Overlooking the Conwy River by the pituresque suspension bridge, the castle is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and remains one of the great historic sites of Wales.