Chicho Brothers Fruit & Vegetable #1

Naomi Shihab Nye

We’d sip gin at a café on the river,
pretending our lives were that fluid, that fine.
Once he said, I’d like to see the Fruit
and Vegetable place one more time.
So I drove him to Laredo Street
but the store was locked. Power outage.
He said, That’s how I feel, loss of power.
We drove around staring at crumbled houses,
trash heaps, pot holes. That’s how I felt,
all of it. We drove back past Chicho’s,
lights were on again.
He stepped inside so tenderly
as if entering a shrine,
placed his hand on a mountain of grapefruit,
and bought nearly nothing because
by then he had almost no time.

The Chicho Boys Fruit Market in San Antonio, Texas, was established in 1995 and claims to offer the 'freshest fruit in South Texas'.

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Main Location:

Chicho Boys Fruit Market, 1631 South Laredo Street, San Antonio, Texas

Other locations:

The popular Chicho Boys Fruit Market on S Laredo St in San Antonio