Texas, Out Driving

Naomi Shihab Nye

The Solid Rock Church of Kerrville
has moved to another location.
It says so on the sign under
the name—Solid Rock.

Also the entire town of Comfort
appears to be for sale.
This does not feel comforting at all.

How many times we drove these curves,
pale fence posts, bent cedars . . .
but nothing needs us here.
Nothing we said, thought, forgot,
took root in the ditch around the bend.
I always want to stop at historic markers,
see what happened long before, but
the pull of motion keeps a car going,
passing by till next time,
which soon won’t come,
even when everything we know
says slow.

The poet, Naomi Shihab Nye, lives in San Antonio, Texas, not far from the towns of Kerrville and Comfort.

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This poem about Comfort and Kerrville in Texas was originally published in a poetry anthology:

Main Location:

Solid Rock Church, Kerrville, Texas

Other locations:

The Historical District of Comfort, Texas.

Image by Larry D. Moore, licensed under Creative Commons.