Moses on the Nile

James Grahame

Slow glides the Nile; amid the margin-flags   
Closed in a bulrush-ark the babe is left,—   
Left by a mother’s hand. His sister waits   
Far off; and pale, ’tween hope and fear, beholds   
The royal maid, surrounded by her train,           
Approach the river-bank; approach the spot   
Where sleeps the innocent. She sees them stoop   
With meeting plumes: the rushy lid is oped,   
And wakes the infant, smiling in his tears,—   
As when along a little mountain lake           
The summer south-wind breathes a gentle sigh,   
And parts the reeds, unveiling, as they bend,   
A water-lily floating on the wave.

Storytellers and poets have been writing about the River Nile for thousands of years. There are many poems about the River Nile.

Main Location:

River Nile, Egypt

The River Nile