Richard Chevenix Trench

An awful statue, by a veil half hid,    
At Sais stands. One came, to whom was known    
All lore committed to Etruscan stone,    
And all sweet voices, that dull Time has chid    
To silence now, by antique pyramid,            
Skirting the desert, heard; and what the deep    
May in its dimly lighted chambers keep,    
Where Genii groan beneath the seal-bound lid.    
He dared to raise that yet unlifted veil    
With hands not pure, but never might unfold            
What there he saw: madness, the shadow, fell    
On his few days, ere yet he went to dwell    
With Night’s eternal people, and his tale    
Has thus remained, and will remain, untold.


Sais was a major city of Ancient Egypt on the edge of the Nile Delta. Herodotus wrote that Osiris was buried at Sais. It is said that there was a veiled statue of Isis at Sais.