Aubrey De Vere

A meeting of bright streams and valleys green;   
Of heathy precipice; umbrageous glade;   
Dark, dimpling eddies, ’neath bird-haunted shade;   
White torrents gushing splintered rocks between;   
With winding woodland roads; and, dimly seen          
Through the deep dell ere hazy sunset fade,   
Castle and spire and bridge, in gold arrayed;   
While o’er the deepening mist of the ravine   
The perspective of mountain looms afar.   
Such was our Raleigh’s home, and here his eye           
Drank deep of nature’s wild variety,   
Feeding on hopes and dreams! From the world’s war   
Retired, he dwelt; nor deemed how soon his star   
Should set, dishonored, in a bloody sea!

Lismore, in County Waterford, Ireland, is an historic town dating back to the 7th century. The castle was once owned by Sir Walter Raleigh.

Main Location:

Lismore, Co. Waterford, Ireland

Lismore Castle, Waterford, Ireland