Warkworth Castle

Letitia Elizabeth Landon


Come, up with the banner, and on with the sword,
My father's first-born of his castle is lord;
No knight, I will say, that e'er belted a brand,
Was ever more worthy of lady or land.

Ring the horns through the forest that girdles our hall,
Let the glades of the green oaks re-echo the call;
And many a morning with dew on the plain,
And the red sun, just rising, shall hear them again.

Fill up the clear wine cup that dances in light,
One name, and one only, shall crown it to-night:
'Tis the health of the young knight just come o'er the main:
He will cross it an earl, if he cross it again.

Farewell! O my brother; farewell! mine abode—
The hawk that I flew—the horse that I rode—
They are safe—I commend them, my brother, to thee;
But my white greyhound goes with me over the sea.

For a thousand white crowns I have mortgaged my land,
And fifty bold seamen await my command;
My letters of marque are now sign'd by the queen,
I hasten where Drake and where Raleigh have been.

Away to the south is the course that I hold,
If the sea has its storm—why, the Spaniard has gold.
Afar in the distance I see its light shine,
And all is fair warfare that crosses the Line.

One last charge, my brother, you only may hear,
'Tis the hope to my soul the most deep, the most dear:
Be my Blanche to thy heart like a sister, in love;
I leave in thy shadow the nest of my dove.

No doubt of her truth, and no fear of her change,
Can darken my pathway where'er it may range;
My heart is my omen—I know, o'er the main,
I return to her side, and to England, again.