The Hermit of Warkworth

Thomas Percy

Dark was the night, and wild the storm,
And loud the torrent's roar;
And loud the sea was heard to dash
Against the distant shore.

Musing on man's weak hapless state
The lonely Hermit lay;
When lo! he heard a female voice
Lament in sore dismay.

With hospitable haste he rose
And wak'd his sleeping fire;
And hatching up a lighted brand,
Forth hied the reverend fire.

All sad beneath a neighbouring tree
A beauteous maid he found,
Who beat her breast, and with her tears
Bedew'd the mossy ground.

O! weep not, lady, weep not so
Nor let vain fears alarm;
My little cell shall shelter thee,
And keep thee safe from harm.

Main Location:

Warkworth Hermitage, Morpeth, Northumberland, ,

Warkworth Hermitage in Northumberland